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Enrollment rate in 2020

Our average admission rate for associate degree graduates is 85%, of which 86.5% went on to further their degree programmes at local tertiary institutions (both government and non-government funded), while the rest chose University of Wollongong or other overseas universities。

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The School of Business of Wollongong College Hong Kong aims to provide quality business education for the Hong Kong community, to produce graduates of professional quality and to conduct academic research on topics of close relevance to business and economics in Hong Kong, the Asia-pacific region and even the world。

The School offers a number of undergraduate and Associate degree programmes in Business Administration recognised by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ), providing secondary Diploma examination and Associate degree graduates with the opportunity to complete tertiary and bachelor degree programmes。All courses are designed to meet the manpower needs of specific majors, focusing on training students in basic knowledge, theoretical methods and professional skills。In addition to associate degree and Undergraduate Degree programmes, the School of Business also offers a one-year Diploma in Foundation Education programme to prepare dSE graduates for the promotion to associate degree programmes。

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Welcome to the website of business School。

The Business School offers a number of high quality and popular BACHELOR's and Associate's degree programs in Business Administration, including accounting, Financial Services, General Management, Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Human resource Management, International Business Management and Marketing。These are all areas of expertise where there is a continuing demand for manpower in Hong Kong and the mainland。In addition to bachelor's and Associate's degree programmes, the School also offers a one-year Diploma in Foundation Education programme to prepare students for the advancement to associate's degree。

Our programmes are designed and taught by a dedicated and experienced staff who are committed to achieving the aspirations of our students。The School has close links with relevant professional bodies and the business community, and the academic and professional standards of its programmes are recognised by the industry。

Our associate degree program prepares students for further study in the bachelor's degree program and improves their employment opportunities。Each associate of Business Administration program is designed for a specific specialty and incorporates general skills and general education learning elements to promote students' holistic development。In addition to arranging overseas study Tours, summer courses and work experience, the College also provides scholarships and various kinds of assistance to encourage students to participate in extra-curricular activities and understand the practical situation of the society。Apart from acquiring subject knowledge and skills, students can also develop confidence, good character and general abilities that will benefit them throughout their lives。While most associate degree graduates can move on to bachelor's degree programmes at government-funded universities, a small proportion of those who choose to work can find suitable jobs that pay similar salaries to undergraduate graduates。

Since wollongong College Hong Kong successfully registered as a non-profit self-funded post-secondary college in June 2019, the Business School has launched two undergraduate bachelor's degree programmes specializing in accounting and finance in September 2019。Two subsequent undergraduate degree programmes in "Marketing and Supply Chain Management" and "Banking and Fintech" have also been accredited by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ) and will be launched in September this year subject to final approval from the HKSAR Government。These achievements demonstrate that business schools have the ability and resources to offer relevant bachelor of Business degree programmes。

You can find courses that match your interests and career goals by looking at the details of our programmes and student activities。We sincerely hope that you will gain rich learning experience and put your best talents into practice by joining our diverse learning community。

Professor Chen Zhaoyang
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