Entrance requirements

Applicants should read the following admission requirements for each programme level。

To apply for admission to the Bachelor's Degree programme, you must meet the following requirements:

Freshman Admission:

  • 香港中學文憑試中文、英文考獲第三級,數學、通識教育考獲第二級,及一科選修科考獲第二級或應用學習科表現達標 (“3322+2”);或
  • 香港高級程度會考考獲一科合格或香港高級補充程度會考考獲兩科合格,另外於香港高級補充程度會考英語運用科及中國語文及文化科考獲第二級,及於香港中學會考考獲五科合格(包括中文及英文);或
  • Other equivalent education

Junior year admission :*

  • Associate Degree or Higher Diploma qualification (with 2 cumulative credit points) obtained from an accredited post-secondary education institution in Hong Kong.0 or above)

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Chinese Language, Literature and Communication does not offer an upper-level entry route

Our bachelor's program

1) Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination

  1. Level 2 or above in 5 subjects (Chinese (Note 1) and English (Note 2));
  2. If the applicant wishes to substitute Chinese and English for another language subject, he/she must obtain Grade E or above in that language subject;
  3. Applicants can submit a maximum of two applied learning subjects (standard or above) for admission to associate Degree/Higher Diploma programmes of the University;
  4. Meet specific programme requirements (for Associate of Business Administration (Accounting) only)。

2) Other qualifications

  1. Graduate of our Diploma of Foundation Education (Note 3) or one year full-time pre-Associate degree programme at another institution;
  2. Completion of yi Jin Diploma Programme (Note 4);
  3. Gce A-Level (or A2)/International A-Level at Grade E or above (two AS Level subjects in the same a-Level subject),Candidates cannot apply for associate degree programmes of the University with their GCE a-level or AS Level results;
  4. 普通高等學校招生全國統一考試考獲本科二批分數綫及英文達 100 分或以上(備註 5);或
  5. Graduate of international Baccalaureate University Foundation programme or equivalent。


3) Adult students

Applicants must be aged 23 or over by 1 September of the year of application and have demonstrated ability to enter the programme of application。

Our associate degree program    |    Our Advanced Diploma programme


  1. Applicants who are not Native speakers of Chinese should meet the requirements specified,Qualifications obtained in other Chinese language examinations will be accepted,For example: Grade E in GCE AL/AS or Grade C in GCSE/IGCSE,Or Grade E in other language subjects in hkDSE)。該等指定情況包括:(a) 申請人在接受中小學教育期間學習中國語文的時間少於六年;或(b) 申請人在學校學習中國語文已有六年或以上時間,However, during this period, Chinese language will be studied in an adapted and easier Chinese language course,The course is not generally available to most students in local schools。
  2. GCE/GCSE/IGCSE subjects or TOEFL/IELTS cannot substitute for Level 2 in HKDSE English。
  3. Upon successful completion of our Diploma in Foundation Education, students will be eligible for promotion to associate degree programmes (except for Associate of Social Sciences (Social Work)) offered by our school.。
  4. Students who have successfully completed extended Elective Mathematics will have obtained a Yi Jin Diploma equivalent to Level 2 of the five subjects of GDPT (Chinese language, English language and Mathematics)。
  5. Applicants who do not meet the undergraduate grade 2 cut-off requirements but perform well in the interview will be accepted at our discretion。

Applicants for admission to the Foundation Diploma programme must meet the following requirements:

  • 於香港中學文憑試中最佳5科成績總分達5分*或以上;或
  • 完成海外高中課程;或
  • Other equivalent qualifications

* Grades 1 to 5 of hkDSE will be converted into 1 to 5 points。

Diploma in Basic Education